We have space for you !!

It is the intention of the club that the membership levels remain healthy and buoyant yet not overly large so as to restrict airtime enjoyed by all members when at the field. We aim to maintain a broad cross section of piloting skills from absolute beginners to those competing in major national and international competitions. The number of club members is agreed at the AGM each year, currently the membership stands at 80. The level of membership is monitored by the elected committee throughout the year and it may be closed at a lesser number if thought appropriate in the interests of the club.

It is a requirement of the EMHC that all its members are also current members of the BMFA (British Model Flying Association). The club is affiliated to that body as club number 156. The EMHC offers the facility of handling your membership to the BMFA for you at no charge. You simply include the BMFA charges with the cheque for your EMHC subscription. These are £38 for all adult memberships or £19.00 for juniors. However if you wish to handle your own BMFA membership then you simply need to include your membership number on the application forms and show your BMFA membership card to a committee member.

Anybody wishing to join the club may visit the field and obtain a application form or download it from the website. The completed form is to be sent to the address shown on the foot of the document together with full payment by cheque. If the current membership status shown at the top of this page is ‘Still Accepting Full Applications’ then the application for membership will be considered at the next scheduled committee meeting. When membership is ‘Closed’ (again see above for current status) new applications will be considered and be placed on a waiting list in strict order of the date on which they are received pending a vacancy becoming available. In this case please do not submit your payment, you will be contacted when a position becomes available and your fee becomes due.

The EMHC membership year runs from 1st January and membership renewals accompanied by a cheque for full payment are to be with the club secretary substantially before that date. For any renewals received after 1st January, membership will be deemed to have expired and the lapsed member will then be required to pay the joining fee again as for any new member. This is non negotiable. However in exceptional circumstances a ‘grace’ period of 14 days may be allowed for any members who, through no fault of their own, were unable to submit a renewal form by 1st January. Full details will need to be submitted to the committee in support of this claim.

Download the current membership form by clicking HERE